Rayscience Value

Release Date: 2008-04-06

1. What is Rayscience Service?

When our sales rep receives any inquires, we will check with this buyer this exact model, specification and application in order to make any order exactly what this buyer is looking for. After shipment, we will notify any order shipment status in order to make this buyer import clearance at this first time.

While it is wholely used at this buyer‘s site,  we will answer any questions on application in a professional and precise manner. 

2. What is Rayscience offering?

 We commit to offer you Attractive Price, Excellent Quality and Fast Delivery!

3.  Is customer-built goods possible in Rayscience‘s plant?

Generally we offer this standard units according to Rayscience‘s Datasheet. We like to make this customer-built goods if both of interestes are focusing on fused splitter, fiber coupler laser diode module, power meter, light source.  



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