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TTS - Optical Fiber Temperature Tip Sensors
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TTS - Optical Fiber Temperature Tip Sensors

Optical Fiber Temperature Tip Sensors

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  • Temperature Range: 0℃~1100℃ for specialty fiber;0℃~1000℃ for photonic crystal fiber
  • Measurement Resolution: 0.5℃

Optical fiber Fabry-Perot tip sensors have the advantages of simple structure, large measuring range, high resolution and small size, etc. The temperature, pressure or strain applied to the sensor can be obtained by measuring the resonantwavelength shift of the Fabry-Perot cavity formed inside the fiber. Currently, the company offers three types of tip sensor products based on fiber Fabry-Perot cavity technology.







The curve above is showing how sensor's resonant wavelength variation response to temperature.

Sensor's optical path difference is varying with temperature.





Model No:TTS

Ultra-high temperature sensors based on specialty fiber

Ultra-high-temperature sensors based on photonic crystal fibers

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