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RS-Si111/112 - Quadrature Si PIN Photodiode
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RS-Si111/112 - Quadrature Si PIN Photodiode

Quadrature Si PIN Photodiode RS-Si111/112 - Quadrature Si PIN Photodiode

  • Product Code:RS-Si111/112
  • Item:RS-Si111/RS-Si112
  • Brand:OELABS

  • Low dark current
  • High uniformity and symmetry
  • High reliability
  • Less blind area.


  • Laser aiming, tracking and searching
  • High accuracy location, displacement monitoring Detection


OElabs offers a large selection of Photodiodes, please contact for more information.



Device Mechanism

he device works like reverse biased diode array, since the device is configured as quadrature, when the light form the tested object strike equally upon each quadrant, the light current from quadrants should be equal. When the tested object changed position, the output of each quadrant will change. So the direction of the target can determined.


Typical Operating Characteristics (TA=23℃)

Package Information and Pin Configuration



Reverse Bias. No Vibration and shock when device operating Static Charge Protection (Storage, Operating)



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