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HRFB - High repetition rate femtosecond Yb: fiber laser
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HRFB - High repetition rate femtosecond Yb: fiber laser

  • Product Code:HRFB
  • Item:fs Yb: fiber laser
  • Brand:OELABS
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  • High repetition rate up to 750 MHz
  • Sub-50 fs pulse duration
  • Average power up to 400 mw
  • As an oscillator be assembled into a lager frequency spacing fiber laser comb system



  • Amplifier Seeding
  • Ultrafast Spectroscopy
  • Material Characterization
  • Microfabrication
  • Bioimaging
  • THz Physics




OElabs offers a new femtosecond laser source HRFB which represents a new generation of high repetition rate and compact diode pumped Yb:fiber laser oscillator. This extraordinary new system delivers a pulse repetition rate up to 750 MHz directly from an Yb:fiber oscillator, with sub-50 fs pulse duration and an average power up to 400 mW. An innovative optical design increases the repetition rate by a factor of 3 over the standard Yb:fiber systems while maintaining a high average power and high pulse quality. The laser is turn-key self-starting in a single compact enclosure giving unprecedented stability.





Pulse repetition rate

500 MHz

750 MHz (Max)

Central wavelength

1030 nm


Spectral width

30 nm


Pulse width

<50 fs

46 fs (Min.)

Output power

400 mW

@Pump power >1 W

Typical experiment Data

Fig 1. RF spectrum from 0 to 3 GHz with resolution bandwidth of 1 MHz. The fundamental repetition rate is recorded as 750 MHz

Fig.2. Typical measured spectra (left) and the corresponding autocorrelation traces (right) with the separation of the intracavity grating pair at 2.8 mm (a), 2.1 mm (b) and 2.7 mm. The de-convoluted pulse is 68 fs (A), 44 fs (B) and 46 fs (C) respectively with Gaussian profile assumed.



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