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OETERA Series - Terahertz Kits
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OETERA Series - Terahertz Kits

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Oelabs is focused on developing and deploying Terahertz-based technology solutions for both the public and private sector. Our assembled THz Laboratory Kit Solutions provide a flexible approach for time domain THz spectroscopy and other applications showing below.

OElabs offers a large selection of Lasers and Laser

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  • Medicine Component Analysis

Analyze active component

Recognize the components of pharmaceuticals preciously without damaging tablets

Technical Index:

  • Frequency range:0.1THz-3.5THz
  • Frequency resolution:<10GHz
  • Signal to noise ratio:>50dB
  • Transmission and reflection mode detection
  • Accuracy of tablet classification test:>95%
  • Accuracy of the test: 90 %( for margin of error in effective components is 10%)
  • Test speed:2~3pieces/s
  • Oil Testing Kits

Differentiate between illegal oil and edible oil

Rapid,effective and economical

Technical Index:

  • Frequency range:0.1THz~3.5THz
  • Frequency domain resolution<10GHz
  • Signal to noise ratio :>50dB
  • Transmission mode detection
  • Speed of forming spectrum:<1 min/one spectrum
  • Absorption peak shift in repetition test:<0.01THz
  • Amplitude of absorption spectrum change in repetition test :<5%
  • Test accuracy between edible oil and illegal oil:>84%(data base more than 700 samples)
  • Specialized Organics Analyzing System for experimental purposes


Exactly analyze organic samples in lab

High precis ion and customized test

Technical Index:

  • Frequency range :0.1THz~3.5THz
  • Frequency domain resolution:<5GHz
  • Highest power S/N ratio:>60dB
  • Real-time data collection rate:10 spectra/s
  • Transmission,Reflection,and THz imaging
  • Portable Fast Terahertz Scanning System

Detect most organics rapidly


Small size,easy to assemble and convenient for using while moving

Technical Index:

  • Spectrum:0.1THz~1.5THz<
  • Frequency resolution:<4GHz
  • Highest power S/N ratio:30dB @0.4THz
  • Real-time data collection speed:1 spectra/s

    Main configuration:

    TDS(Time domain spectrometer):

  • Terahertz sources Options: m-i-n diode, PCA;
  • Terahertz detector Options: ZnTe, GaP;
  • Laser Options: 100 fs,100 MHz repetition frequency,140 mW;30 fs,50 MHz repetition frequency,100 mW;100 mW,100 fs,10 MHz repetition frequency;
  • Scanning system: 100 mm,200 mm stepper motor and fast audio coil resonant systems are available
  • Lock-in amplifier: SR830; customized fast sampled systems are available;
  • Parabolic mirror system: 2-4 inches are available;



Fast inaging system:

  • Radiation source;
  • Frequency multiplier;
  • Detector array;
  • Waveguide coupling system;
  • Horn antenna;
  • Scanning mechanism;
  • Motor control system;
  • mechanical parts;
  • Data acquisition system;


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