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OEIFC - Internal focusing collimation telescope
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OEIFC - Internal focusing collimation telescope

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Internal focusing telescope is a convenient optical examination and adjusting instrument with many usage , which can be used as an autocollimator and a focusing telescope. So it is widely used in optics laboratory and an optical workshop as the test and adjustment tool. For example: It is used to check the guide rail's "straightness", "Verticality" between the base surface, "Parallelism" between the plane, "coaxality" between the apertures, etc.

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Technical date

(1)Optical specifications :

Objective of telescope:

focal length

f∞ = 208.34mm

Outlet diameter

D = Φ25 mm

Visual field angle

2W = 3°

Micrometer eyepiece:

focal length f´= 16.5 mm
Magnification ratio Γ = 15x
Visual field angle 2W = 36°
magnification ratio Γ = 1x

2Structure performance
Measurement precision of micrometer eyepiece: When used as a self-collimated light tube precision is 6 ", when used as internal focusing telescope aperture between the coaxial precision test was 0.1 mm.(in the range of 2 meters).

Observation range:

    • 317.14 mm → _∞
    • + ∞ → + 420 mm
    • Others are blind range

Drum scale count of micrometer eyepiece:

    • mm represent beam angle at 10″

Adjusting range:
rough adjustment: 

    • pitch angle:± 20° 
    • elevation:± 45°
    • lifting movement:110 mm

Fine adjustment:

  • pitch angle:± 7° 
  • elevation:  ± 7°
  • Lifting nudge:10 mm
  • Horizontal nudge:20 mm

Light source:

  • LED high efficiency emitting tube

(3)Volume and weight

  • Dimension : 32 × 27 × 41 cm³
  • Net Weight : 17 kg
  • Gross weight: 24 kg

Instrument standard configuration 

  • Telescope with internal focus(with built-in high performance lithium battery):1 set
  • 110V / 220V charger:1pc
  • LED lighting spare light source:1pc
  • Operating instruction manual:1 copy
  • Plastic film cover bag:1pc

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