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OELP-600 - Laser plane interferometers(horizontal type)
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OELP-600 - Laser plane interferometers(horizontal type)

  • Product Code:OELP-600
  • Item:OELP-600



Product Description

  1. Double ports checking is applying widely;
  2. Molded surface measuring of the big caliber plane component;
  3. Levelling measuring of optical material;
  4. Analyzing of the component molded surface and checking of optical date

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Features and innovations:

  • Measuring of double ports
  • Applying the wave length adjustment phase displacement technique
  • High precision measuring



port 1120mm port 2: 600mm

Measurement method

Fizeau Interferometer principles

The molded surface accuracy of standard reference mirror


The multiple of running zooming


 Light source

He-Ne laser(632.8nm)

Power supply

210V-230V, 40Hz-60Hz

 The optimal working temperature

20 -25 


4800* 1400 * 1000mm







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