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OEFBL Series - PM Fiber beat-Length Measuring system
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OEFBL Series - PM Fiber beat-Length Measuring system

PM Fiber beat-Length Measuring system

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The property of PM fiber beat-length is the nature capability of Polarization-Maintenance , especially for working at the external force disturbance. Under the method of press in beat-length measurement, the changing of optical power responsing to the beat-length is so smaller, its beat-length is so smaller which have the better capability of Polarization -Maintenance. Meanwhile the waveform for each beat-length is in uniform, it indicates the stability of bi-birefringence for the fiber. This system is widely used in fiber coil development in the FOGs. It can assure the 3 fiber coil for 1 set system to be wound with the same beat-length PM fiber ( value=0.01mm) , which can provide the uniformity of polarization crosstalk for different fiber coil working at the different working conditions.

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Main Features:

  • Measurement resolution (max): 0.001mm, repeatability : <0.01nm, (typ: <0.005mm)
  • Measured fiber : 80/165um or 125/250um, extra bare fiber adapter is necessary for 80/165um
  • Notebook data storage and process easily
  • Built-into precise guide screw and programmable controller to support controlling the displacement,
  • Built-into advanced light source at 1310nm,timely displaying optical power changing graph with beat-length.
  • Measuring speed selectable, automatic beat-length calculation and the testing report exporting
  • Measurement data storage and read and delete per month
  • Compared to the traditional PMD measuring @633nm, the press method is to measure the actual beat -length under the changing of optical power @ 1310nm, it can get the relation between temperature and beat-length. Temperature controller can be built on request. .


Technical Specifications




Measuring range

Measuring distance




For high-precision measurement and produce processing

Display and storage the measuring data and results






For coherent-related research and measurement

Display and storage the measuring data and results, fitting analysis for some internal number






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