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Angled-Resolved Measuring Spectrometer
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Angled-Resolved Measuring Spectrometer

  • Product Code:OELABS-ARM
  • Brand:OELABS
     Traditional spectrometer is capable of measuring the material transmission / reflection / absorption spectrum information at zero angle. But the abundant spectral dispersion information of Novel Functional Photonic Materials are hardly characterized. OELABS ARM now makes changes…

       Product Features

  • Mm-level Sample Size,0.8mm Minimum Diameter
  • Covenient Sample control,Independent Five dimensional adjusting Bracket
  • Versatility with reflection,reflection,transmission,Scattering,radiation,free and programming mode
  • Wide-angle measurement,Truly Back reflection and 360 degrees of freedom rotation
  • Fine resolution, angular resolution up to 0.01 degrees


  • Photonic Crystal
  • Optical coating
  • The structure of color
  • Optical Grating
  • Super materials
  • Nano textile materials
  • Micro-nano optics
  • Supperiattice Materials
  • Nano materials
  • Novel LED
  • Surface plasma
  • Liquid Crystal

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