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QFA-20K Quartz Flexible Accelerometer
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QFA-20K Quartz Flexible Accelerometer

  • Product Code:QFA-20K Quartz Flexible Accelerometer
  • Item:QFA-20K
  • Brand:OELABS

A Quartz Flexible Accelerometer is provided for detecting acceleration which employs an amorphous quartz proof-mass structure clamped at raised points between upper and lower portions of a magnet structure. As the accelerometer is accelerated, the proof-mass structure is displaced thus changing the capacitance.An acceleration-proportional output current is developed providing both static and dynamic acceleration measurements. By use of a customer supplied output load resistor, appropriately scaled for the acceleration range of the application, the output current can be converted into a voltage.
   The entire QFA family of accelerometer produced by OELABS  has over ten members,

which are widely served in aerospace, aviation, ships, weapons, petroleum and geotechnical engineering. As with the QFA family of accelerometer, the QFA-06A-1 features the highest inertial navigation-grade performance available in today's market, and the QFA-06K, used in petroleum drilling, is environmentally rugged and low cost.

Performance characteristics

Parameter Name

Index Level

Operating temperature(℃)


Input Range(g)




Scale factor(mA/g)


Five bias repeatability(each time interval>2h)(μg)


Five scale factor repeatability(each time interval>2h)(ppm)


Operating voltage(V)

(15  1)


Φ18.8  21







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