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RRMF--Radiation Resistant Multi-mode Fiber
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RRMF--Radiation Resistant Multi-mode Fiber

  • Product Code:RRMF
  • Item:RRMF
  • Brand:OELABS


· Aerospace / Aerocraft

· Military Field

· Atomic Energy Industry

· Petroleum & Offshore Exploration

· Medical Equipment

· Basic Research

Product standards

· Radiation resistant fiber complies with or exceeds ITU-T.G651& IEC 60793-2-10 A1a fiber specification.

Product process

· The fiber is produced by plasma activated chemical vapordeposition (PCVD) process.

  The radiation resistant multi-mode fiber fabricated by PCVD process has excellent 

  radiation resistant  properties at 850nm&1300nm based on its special glass components 

  and manufacturing process.

· Due to the accurate control of deposition of PCVD process, Radiation resistant multi-mode

   fiber has perfect waveguide refractive index profile, which guarantees the excellent geometrical, 

   attenuation and bandwidth characteristics.


· Stable transmission property under radiation environment

· High bandwidth and low attenuation@850nm&1300nm

· Excellent stripping and welding properties

· Suitable for various cable structures and favorable for tight/loose tubes

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