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Programmable Two Zones Thermal Shock Chambers
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Programmable Two Zones Thermal Shock Chambers

  • Product Code:OEHS-LV
  • Item:OEHS-LV
  • Brand:OELABS


●Programmable Touch Screen Controller
●Custom Sizes Available
●Running Time Meter
●Capable of Handling Extreme Temperature
●High Performance Even Under Load
●Incandescent Interior Lighting
●Modular,Robust Reliable Construction
●Stainless Steel Interior
●Painted Galvanized Steel Exterior For Long Life
●Heavy-duty Flooring to Support Vehicles
●Mechanical Cooling
●Comprehensive Safety Features
●Refrigeration Gauges
●Refrigeration Sound Deadening Package
●All Circuits Fused or Circuit Breaker Protected.
●All Wiring Numbered or Color Coded
●Compressor Overload Protection

●Prefabricated for On-Site Installation

Test Standards

This test equipment conforms to following test standards (but not limited to):


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