Smallest OEM Laser Modules – The OElabs LMD Series

Release Date: 2013-05-24

Small, Inexpensive, and Versatile
It is very easy to overlook them - these small laser diodes: They are considered as the smallest laser modules worldwide, and at OElabs they are available in several wavelengths as OEM components. The complete modules are barely larger than the laser diodes itself and have the advantage that the entire drive electronics is already integrated! This facilitates integration into the system: the products simply have to be connected.

The smallest laser module has a diameter of 3.3 mm. It is a 650 nm dot laser – available in a plastic or a metal housing. In the plastic version, the maximum output power is less than 0.9 mW - a metallic version < 3 mW is available, too.

For larger diameters between 6.2 mm and 10.5 mm, wavelengths other than 650 nm are also available. In addition to the very brightly perceived red at 635 nm, there are also versions at 780 nm and 850 nm. Even focusable versions and line lasers are offered.

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