High power laser components for high power laser

Release Date: 2013-11-05

Good news from Otrontek, Pennsylvania, America .Recently Otrontek company has successfully brought the high power laser into the American market .The high power components made by OElabs do great performance in the high power laser. Especially,the high power combiners and isolators . However, we will try our best to improve our technical skills and product quality.We hope more and more high power laser components made by OElabs would be applied into different high power laser manufactures.


OElabs introduces the whole product solution for high power laser Manufacturers.We can provide the suitable products according to your light path structure and working theory(Q switch structure or MOPA structure ).We can support you in special fiber ,high power combiner,high power isolator,AOM,FBG,pump laser.You can also share any technological problem with us,we will be glad to solving the problems with you together.


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