FAQ on passive components

Release Date: 2014-01-16

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FAQ on passive components

1. How many types of package case for 1x2 fused coupler with 900um cable ( loose tube)?
     For 1x2 fused coupler with 900um cable ( loose tube), there are two types available, one is with steel stainless tube ( 3.0x54mm), the other is with black plastic case ( 90x20x9mm).

2. Can you develop special wavelength 1x2 (2x2) MM coupler?
     Theoretically speaking, we can develop any wavelength MM coupler from 800~1600nm. As usual, 850nm and  1310nm MM coupler is common because of its corresponding light source available. We are now using MM fiber mainly with 50/125um and 62.5/125um.

3. Can you develop 1/99 1x2 (2x2) PM coupler? 
   We can do. However its yield rate is really lower, so its price is expensive compared with 50/50 coupler.

4. What is the smallest package size for 1x2 ( 2x2) PM coupler?
     Our standard hybrid coupler package size is 3.0x54mm, and the compact type is 3.0x35mm. Even smaller 3.0x32mm is also produced in our plant.

5. Which is economical for 1310/1490/1550nm splitter, Fused Coupler or PLC splitter?

For 1XN splitter, when N=16, 32, PLC splitter will be a good choice. 

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