Fused coupler and patchcords made with G657 fiber

Release Date: 2007-10-14

Oct.2007. Rayscience released this new products-fused coupler/splitter and patchcords which is made with bending-insensitive single-mode fiber, which is also called G657 fiber. This improvement is catering to FTTX market.

About bending-insensitive fiber:

Bending-insensitive single model optical fiber totally optimizing operational performance in O-band wavelength (1260-1360)S-bandC-band and L-band (1460-1625).  And Low water peak optical fiber still uses in E-band wavelength (1360-1460).Bending-insensitive single model optical fiber having good property of curve resistance, can also reduce added loss because of bending during installing and operation.


Featured application:

l         Special purposed short distance optical cable

l         Working on wavelength of OSC and L high property optical network

l         FTTX high speed router

l         Having special curve requirement optical fiber cable

l         Optical fiber for small dimension devices


More info is inquired, please contact Rayscience sales directly.  





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