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SCS-4000-P - PM Fiber Coupler Working Station
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SCS-4000-P - PM Fiber Coupler Working Station

PM Fiber Fused Biconical Tapered System is designed for PM fiber coupling applications

  • Product Code:SCS-4000-P
  • Item:SCS-4000-P
  • Brand:OELABS
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  • SCS-4000 FBT System is a custom-made tapering station which integrates the technology of optics, electronics, mechanics and computer. Except for making standard singlemode and multimode fiber components on this station, it can be improved to be PM fiber coupler station, LMA fiber combiner station, SM/MM fiber tapering station.
  • This tapering system is widely used fiber laser developing, fiber sensor and biomedical and Micro-Laser Research and Telecommunication.


Software Features

  • Parameters storage and printing in format
  • Expand to torch head scanning range in order to satisfy this tapering length
  • Drawing speed setting according to tapering length
  • Control this flowing of oxygen and hydrogen according to tapering length
  • Smaller Splitting ratio exactly collecting



Hardware Features

• Designing hybrid Torch head with inner oxygen input and outer hydrogen input,in order to assure heating stably and increase heating temperature

• Custom-made fiber holder for fiber tightly holding

• Flow meter chosen on fiber diameter used

• Detector chosen on working wavelength used

• Torch head size and fixture made on tapering requirements

• Platform Size designing on tapering length, in order to assure max heating Length

• Optional: CCD imaging collecting system integrated , which is for assisting in inspecting the fiber axis alignment or fiber tapering process


Internal schematic

Electronics units

Parallel fiber holder is for 80/165 um and 125/250 um


Main Frame

Drawing precision:

0.2 μm

Drawing speed:

0.2—10000 μm/s

Drawing distance(max):

50 mm

Holding fiber diameter:



700 mm×470 mm×250 mm

Heating Unit

Torch scanning range

0-20 mm

Moving Speed

0-4 mm/s

Gas used

Hydrogen ( or Oxygen)

Hydrogen flowing

0-500 SCCM

Oxygen flowing

0-200 SCCM

Optics Unit


InGaAs: 1100-1700 nm


Si : 400-1000 nm, Ge:1000-1800 nm

Laser Source

(Optional):1310/1550 nm benchtop laser source (1 mW)


UV lamp is offered when you choose the UV curing.

Specification For Fused Components - PM fiber coupler

Working wavelength

1310 nm, 1550 nm


≥20 dB

Coupling Ratio

1—99% , Error: ±2% for 50:50

Packaging Size

<50 mm

Coupler configuration

1x2, 2x2 

Used PM fiber

125/250 um ( standard), 80/165 um ( optional)

Ordering information:



PM fiber coupler station


larger core size fiber coupler/combiner station


SM fiber tapering station


PM Coupler Operation Instruction

(1) Fibre fixation

1. Switch on the vacuum pump, put the two fibre into the parallel fiber holder, close the pressure plate (without elastic), and make one fibre in each slot.
2. Fix the two fibre in the rotatable holder, and switch off the vacuum pump.

(2) Polarization maintaining axis adjustment

1. Power on the HeNe laser, and make the laser spot projected to one fibre; adjust the rotatable holder, and watch the movement of the fringe in reflective plate until the appearance of the turning point and make it still.
2. Move the HeNe laser slowly, and make the laser spot projected to the other fibre, adjust the fibre in the same way as above.

(3) Fibre fixation

1. Power off the HeNe laser, open the image acquisition system, move the universal stand to make the CCD on the top of the fibre, and adjust the position of CCD to make the fibre and parallel clamp clear.
2. Adjust one of the parallel clamps first. Rotate the ascend knob, observing the image in computer, until the fibre is just jacked up.
3. Adjust the two tighten knobs, and make the fibres close slowly.
4. Adjust the other parallel clamp in the same way after the adjustment of the first clamp is finished.
5. Then the fibre fixation is OK, observe via CCD and ensure the two fibres pressed closely parallel. Then remove CCD, and the coupler tapering begins.

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