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Contour-IR Digital - IR CMOS Camera(400-1700nm)
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Contour-IR Digital - IR CMOS Camera(400-1700nm)

IR CMOS Camera (400-1700nm)

  • Product Code:Contour-IR Digital
  • Item:Contour-IR Digital


Digital camera with interface USB2.0 is intended for work in structure of a

personal computer or laptop. Highspeed data transmission on interface

USB2.0 (up to 400 megabit / second) provides an opportunity of supervision

of images on a computer in real time even at mega pixels formats of the frame.

In the camera is used the newest CMOS matrix of the increased sensitivity with

micro lenses on photo cells and with intensifying cascades in each element.

A feed of the camera is carried out from a computer through USB cable. The

camera can be used in a science, medicine, industry (technical equipment)

(television magnifiers, nozzles on a microscope, measuring chambers,

astronomical chambers).

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  • Bioscience
  • Support of high-speed interface USB2.0
  • WDM - the driver providing an opportunity of work with programs foreign manufacturers
  • High-sensitivity CMOS sensor with micro lenses and intensifying cascades in each element
  • An opportunity of capture of the single staff and video of a stream
  • 8 bits of a target signal of brightness
  • A wide spectral range of sensitivity 400 nanometers up to 1700 nanometers
  • A feed from USB 2.0 interfaces
  • Support Plug and Play at installation of the device
  • An opportunity of work in WIN-98, WIN_ME, WIN2000, WIN_XP
  • Management in parameters of the camera from a computer
  • Automatic adjustment of an exposition and amplification and balance white

    The camera forms digital video signal of real time with the frequencies of the staff specified in specifications.


Spectral sensitivity



F1.4/26mm, C-mount

Field of view

25 deg.

Ratio S/N

48 Db


CMOS 1/3 inch.

Format 1

1280 x 1024 (15Hz or 7Hz)

Format 2

640 x 480 (60Hz or 30Hz)



Typical sensitivity:

300μW/cm*cm at 1310nm
20mW/cm*cm at 1550nm
80mW/cm*cm at 1700nm


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