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C-995 - Optical Chopper with power cord of choise
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C-995 - Optical Chopper with power cord of choise

Optical Chopper with power cord of choise

  • Sales Price: $1095.00
  • PDF document: C-995


  • Wide Frequency Range 4 Hz to 5000 Hz
  • Rock Solid Crystal Controlled Frequency
  • Large 5 Digit LED Display
  • Frequency resolution of 0.001 Hz
  • External Clock Synchronization
  • Covers 4 Hz to 5 KHz with only one blade
  • Computer Interface for easy control
  • Enclosed Chopper Blade

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Chopping Frequency Range

4 Hz to 500 Hz ( Inner slots),

40 Hz - 5 KHz (outer slots)

Aperture Size

0.6 inch diameter (15 mm),

and 0.6 inch by 0.2 inch (15 x 4.5 mm)

Frequency Control

Phase-Locked-Loop, Direct Digital Synthesis

Frequency Uncertainty

±.0025 % of setting

Phase Jitter

0.1 % peak to peak, 3 slot section,

1.0 % peak to peak, 30 slot section

Settling Time to Phase Lock

< 3 seconds

External Clock Input Requirements

TTL, CMOS Compatible Square Wave,

4 Hz to 5000 Hz

Sync Signal Output

TTL, CMOS Compatible Square Wave


Five Digit, high intensity green, 0. 5 " high

Temp. Coeffi cient of Chopping Frequency

< 10 ppm/C

Frequency Resolution (W/Rs-232 Control)

.001 Hz

Frequency Resolution (W/Front Panel Control)

.01 Hz

Counter Resolution using External Clock

0.1 Hz, 1 Hz

Rs-232 Interface

9600 Baud, N-8-1, 3 wire

Chopper Head Mounting

Standard 8-32 tapped holes,

mounting rod and stand is provided

Chopper Blade Diameter

4.1 inch diameter

Operating Temperature Range

0 - 40 C

Dimensions (Head)

4.5 " H x 4.5 " W x 2 " D, 114 mm x 114 mm x 51 mm

Dimensions (Controller)

2.7 " H x 7 " W x 9.1 " D, 69 mm, 178 mm, 231 mm

Interconnecting cable supplied

Coiled Cord 10 feet max length

Power Requirements

95-260 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 15 VA Max

CE Certifi cation



3 lbs, 1.36 Kg

Accessories Provide

Mounting rod and stand, Rs-232 cable,

Power Cord, Operating Manual

Standard Warranty

Two years, Components and Workmanship,

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Application Software Provided

Downloadable from TTI website,







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