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OELOOC - Output Coupler
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OELOOC - Output Coupler

  • Product Code:OELOOC
  • Item:OELOOC
  • Brand:OELABS


An output coupler (OC) is a partially reflective mirror used in lasers to extract a portion of the laser beam from the optical resonator. Lasers operate by reflecting light between two or more mirrors which have an active laser medium between them. The medium amplifies the light by stimulated emission. For lasing to occur, the gain of the active medium must be larger than the total loss,which includes both unwanted effects such as absorption, and the intentional release of energy through the output coupler. In other words the laser must attain threshold.

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Standard Product:




473 nm OC

ø4 mm, R=50/100/200 mm

Plano-Concave, HR946 nm, HT473nm

532 nm OC

ø4 mm, R=50/100/200 mm

Plano-Concave, HR1064 nm, HT532nm

671 nm OC

ø4 mm, R=50/200 mm

Plano-Concave, HR1342 nm, HT671nm

1064 nm OC

ø4 mm, R=50/100/200 mm

Plano-Concave,  PR1064nm

Note: Other size, wavelength and coating are available upon request.




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