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OE13532GS Series - 532 nm Green Solid State Laser
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OE13532GS Series - 532 nm Green Solid State Laser

OE13532GS Series - 532 nm Green Solid State Laser

  • Product Code:OE13532GS Series
  • Item:OE13532GS Series
  • Brand:OELABS
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Single Longitudinal Mode Laser at 532 nm

MSL-III-532         1~200mW

MSL-FN-532       1~400mW

MSL-F-532         500~1000mW

Temperature Stabilized Laser at 532 nm

MGL-III-532        1~400mW 

MGL-H-532        400~1500mW

MGL-FN-532      1~1500mW 

MGL-F-532        1500~3000mW

MGL-N-532        3000~5000mW 

MGL-W-532       5000~20000mW

MGL-Z-532        5000~10000mW 

Low Noise Green Laser at 532 nm

MLL-III-532        1~300mW

MLL-FN-532      1~1500mW 

MLL-F-532        1500~3000mW

MLL-N-532        3000~5000mW 

MLL-W-532       5000~20000mW

MLL-Z-532        5000~10000mW

Passively Q-switched Laser at 532 nm

MPL-III-532       1~3uJ/1-15mW

MPL-H-532        5~30uJ/30-150mW

MPL-N-532        40~100uJ/150-1000mW

MPL-W-532       100~180uJ/1000-3000mW

Actively Q-switched Laser at 532 nm

AO-FN-532        10~60uJ/1~500mW

AO-N-532          10~60uJ/1~500mW

AO-W-532          1~300uJ/500~2000mW

AO-Z-532           1~400uJ/5~8W 

EO-W-532      1-500uJ/1-1500mW

HPL-532-Q    2.5~4.5mJ/25~45W (Water-cooled)

HPL-532-Q    3.3~6.6mJ/50~100W (Water-cooled)

Low Cost Green Laser at 532 nm

PGL-II-E-532    10~100mW

PGL-FS-532     10~80mW

PGL-V-H-532    80~300mW

PGL-I-R-532      1~30mW

Green Laser Module at 532 nm

S-GDL-532        1~150mW

PGL-VI-532       1~150mW

PGL-H-532        1~800mW

OEM laser         1mW~18W

Green Laser Pointer

GLP-532            0.6~5mW

GLP-532R          0.6~5mW

Handheld Laser

PGL-III-A-532     5-200mW

PGL-III-M-532     5~200mW

PGL-III-D-532      1~100mW

Portable Laser

PGL-III-532         5~200mW

PGL-III-C-532      200~500mW

PGL-III-532F       5~200mW

PGL-RG-640      1~250mW

PGL-RG-655      1~250mW

Green Line Laser

MGL-532(Line)    1mW~18W

Even Beam Laser System  FC-E-532   1-10W

MGL-532(FC)    1mW~15W

FC-532             1~3W

FC-W-532         4~18W

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