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OET18-12 - OET Precision Optical Tables
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OET18-12 - OET Precision Optical Tables

  • Product Code:OET18-12
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The OET18-12 active optical table made by OElabs features a set of four active isolators and the Optical platform consist of the panel (δ6mm stainless steel (1Cr17)), backplate (δ8mmQ235A steel) and internal strengthening ribs (δ10mm, δ8mm δ6mm Q235A steel). The tabletop features with great working surfaces(Magnetic Stainless Steel1Cr17 materialwith polishing and density texture processing),one with Honeycomb breadboard for conducting lab application . Featuring internal anti-distortion diagonal bar board.Good stiffness and strength to ensure the platform with good stability when stationary work. This completed work station system is an ideal solution for experiments with qualified experimental environment and small vertical displacement shift in a typical lab environment.

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  • All air-operated components adopting German FESTO products
  • Compound-material solid damping is adopted for vibration isolation.
  • Steady flow chamber shock isolation system
  • Dimensions(mm): 1800 x 1200 x 800
  • weight:150Kg
  • with stable and reliable structures, without much maintenance and adjustment work
  • Honeycomb design
  • Custom specifications upon request
  • whole steel plate adopted to the table panel 
  • Low center of gravity, good stability


  • Suitable for experimental place without vibration
  • Technical Parameters:

    POT Precision Optical Tables Spec

    Table material: Magnetic Stainless Steel1Cr17 material ,with polishing and density texture processing

    Surface Flatness:0.02~0.05mm/m2

    Surface Roughness:0.8um

    Mounting hole type:M6(25*25)mm

    Brace number:4 sets,Spraying the surface of car paint and with joint lever

    Type of leveling:mechanical

    Inherent Frequency:4~6HZ

    Standard Height:80cm


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