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OEMS600series-Multispectral camera
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OEMS600series-Multispectral camera

  • Product Code:Multispectral camera
  • Item:Multispectral camera
  • Brand:OELABS



Oelabs has developed the OEMS600 6 channel multispectral camera with cutting edge sensor technology.

Unlike traditional multispectral camera, 6 narrow bands can be selected from 17 wavelength bands from 360nm 

to 940nm and customised based on user needs.


Multispectral camera which allows selection of bands.

11 patents and software copyright, Completely independent IP.

20 year’s of research and development by Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Lightweight design (200g),Suitable for wide variety of UAV platform integration.

Be included in the Camera Model of Pix4D.


Key Features

Light weight(200g)and compact.

Portable device,easy to use,operated by mobile app.

Real-time ambient light radiation correction.Effectively reduce the effect of light changes.

Full access to raw data;outputs can be generated using a wide variety of processing and 

      analysis platforms.

On-board computer,real-time image transmission,built-in 4-core CPU module,

      support industry algorithm customization(OEMS600).

Fixed-wing UAV(multi-spectral remote sensing system).

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