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Direct coupling phase modulator
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Direct coupling phase modulator

  • Product Code:DCPM
  • Item:modulator-DCPM
  • Brand:OELABS

DCPM is an integrated optical device that uses proton exchange waveguide technology. It integrates three functions: polarization generation and detection, electro-optic phase modulation, and interferometric splitting. It is a key device for achieving efficient phase demodulation detection.

This product adopts the X-cut Y-propagation crystal orientation and a push-pull type high-efficiency modulation traveling wave electrode. Through proprietary technology, it ensures low insertion loss, high extinction ratio, and low half-wave voltage over the entire temperature range. It also features low DC drift, low phase conversion error, and a modulation bandwidth greater than 10 GHz, reaching international advanced level in terms of performance.

The fabrication of the product involves microelectronics and micro-optics fabrication, as well as coupling and packaging techniques. It operates at multiple wavelengths, such as 1550nm and 1310nm, and can be customized to different working wavelengths and packaging forms according to customer requirements.

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