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Fiber Recoater FR-100
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Fiber Recoater FR-100

  • Product Code:FR-100
  • Item:Fiber Recoater FR-100
  • Brand:OELABS

When optical fiber in the fusion splicing, photolithography is completed, the traditional way of protection is covered with the heat shrink tubing protection. Even if the cheaper cost of heat shrink tubing, there are still some drawbacks, such as, the optical fiber bending radius increases, the volume of the large, it is inconvenient to organize the optical fiber and the miniaturization of the product. In addition, some products must be coated in order to meet the requirements.

After coating the optical fiber, it can effectively prevent the optical fiber surface cracks or cracks extended, which can enhance the flexibility of the optical fiber,  the optical fiber after coating can be bent or twisted like normal optical fiber, which is convenient for the internal arrangement of the optical fiber. At the same time, the coating will also improve the tensile strength of the fiber,in order not be damaged and broken easily.


nCompact size, easy in operation

nColorful LCD touch-screen, parameters setting easily

nUV curing wavelength at 365nm and 400nm

nFiber coating length: 50mm ( customized is available)

nFiber coating process self-defined


nFiber laser

nFiber optic module

nFiber sensor

nMedical fiber

nSubmarine cable

nPetrochemical fiber

Technical specification:




Fiber type

Single core(180 um/280um/450um/580um/1000um, ribbon fiber2~12 cores etc

Curing method

UV curing (wavelength: 365 、400nm)


LCD touch screen

Programme parameter

Coating length,curing time and the injecting speed of glue


Depend on the fiber coating length

Fiber coating length

Max: 50mm(customized as option

Dimension (L*W*H)

296 x200 x 214 mm

Power supply

24VDC 6A 120-240VAC 50/60Hz

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